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Work Process

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Our Work Process

Consultation & Planning

In our initial meeting we will layout all of the elements of the build and the timeline for your project to be ready for the market.


Our team will come together to go over your notes for the project to begin designing and developing your website/content/marketing strategy.


After the strategy and final website have been approved we begin testing and refining the web experience. At this stage we begin our advertising campaigns to drive highly targeted traffic to your site and social accounts


Once enough data has been captured we start creating Lookalike Audiences (LLA) to scale into your ideal customers audience. Using data tracking to re-target potential customers with the highest likelihood of becoming real customers.

what they say

Satisfied Customers

brenda kelsey

CO Founder

“Tritium Marketing has run several small and large campaigns for our online store. They are always incredibly professional and accommodating. I know I can trust them to work diligently."

Robert morley

CO Founder

“I honestly did not have the time to manage my social media presence and they totally took it over for us and made it as simple as approving their content before posting.”

Steven clouse

CO Founder

“I’ve been using the Tritium since I first launched my business in August 2018. They handle all our content creation, marketing, web development, and branding! Leaving me to only focus on the customer experience and business development.”