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Meet the Team

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Christopher Rees
CEO | Marketing Director
Hunter Reynolds
Creative Director | Brand Development
Cooper Cagle
COO | Account Management

Our Team

CJ Rees

The Founder of Tritium Marketing. With his roots in E-commerce and specializing in cost effectively scaling ads online. Starting his first business when he was 17-years old and teaching himself online marketing through trial and error he has developed techniques for scaling businesses with any budget. Whether you have to totally bootstrap your marketing or you are prepared to spend upwards of $10,000/month on advertising he can help you manage your marketing.

"luck is what happens when preparation meets OPPORTUNITY"

CEO | Marketing Director

Cooper Cagle

Cooper Cagle is a serial entrepreneur and part owner in several other business ventures. Most notably his catering company Craft & Cater Atlanta. Helping form Tritium Marketing, LLC with CJ in 2018, he began to help implement his diverse catalog of business to Tritium Marketing, LLC. Since then he has helped scale products from $0 to over $30,000 in 30 days. With day to day operations Cooper oversees our accounts, finalizes contracts, and helps with long term brand coordination.

"To find yourself, think for yourself.”

COO | Account management

Hunter Reynolds

Nobody ever said that work couldn't be fun. And creativity always came as a second instinct to Hunter. Looking through childhood videos, you will find his 6-year old self, camera in-hand, directing his younger siblings in the next major-motion *home* movie. Fast-forward, and he has made no shortage of commitment to the craft: As a full-time freelance videographer, business owner, and animator, Hunter's passion has taken him through all 50 states in a single year as part of an on-going travel series, on-the-road with multiple artists and their music tours, and now to Tritium Marketing as a Creative Director and Senior Brand Developer. Everything that your brand needs, he is your guy.

"Some people create videos. We Make movies."

Creative Director | brand DEVELOPMENT